Project Skyward: Krell Fighter


Modeling in Houdini

So far, it’s a lot slower than modeling in Maya.  The procedural workflow forces you consider every step you make, but it also allows you to backtrack up through your history of steps.  So you can jump in a start throwing down polygons if you please, but you’ll end up with a very cluttered workspace.


Krell Fighter – Not much to look at.  Yet…

I’m creating the Krell model in Houdini because I plan on taking advantage of it’s procedural capabilities to create a large variety of Krell fighters.  Sanderson, the writer of Skyward, described the Krell ships as being hastily put together.  Therefore, the model above needs some messying up.

Project Skyward

I’ve recently began to learn the 3D animation software Houdini, and in an effort to learn it more effectively I’ve given myself something that resembles a long-term project.

Image result for skyward book
Read this book!

Brandon Sanderson’s new book Skyward now sits atop my electronic shelf of conquered Kindle books, and like most of his works I finished it wanting more.  So, to keep myself in the world of Detrius, why not use the story as a vehicle for a 3D animated project?

As always, I’m biting off more than I can chew.  I have a 5 1/2 month old baby, more work than I’ve ever been given, not to mention lame attempts at living a semi-regular life in Spain.  Yet, I’m looking forward to see how far I can get before life forces me to throw in the towel.

Poco-class fighter

Fortunately, the book has orthographic views of all the different space jets and enemy vehicles.  That’s a huge load-off when developing these models.



Don’t worry, take the small job.

    As mammals we’re attracted to shinny things, which explains why doors to the entertainment biz are crammed with talent.  We look at working on the set of Iron Man as a dream or goal, but what happens when you arrive and your job is to mop up the blemish on Robert Downey Jr.’s sweet face?
    It’s not success that we want, it’s recognition for our hard work.  This is why Disney movies in the 90’s had penises to and fro.  People worked hard but got no recognition, no praise.  Thus, hidden dick.
    It’s not money we want, we just don’t want to worry all the time.  It’s not absolute freedom we want, it’s a worthwhile challenge.

Tuesday Afternoon Live Stream

I present the aftermath of yesterday’s 2 hour event – A Giant Leaping Through the Clouds.


Always reflect on what you’ve done, and try to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes.  Sometimes that means coming back to it in a day, or looking it at backwards, upside-down, etc.  If you don’t like what you’ve done, don’t beat yourself up about it.  Whenever we draw, we’re improving.  If you want to improve, then draw.