A Common Theme in Creativity

I’m beginning the study of writing as a practice, mostly that of the fiction variety – how does one go about creating a story out of thin air?  After consuming and digesting several books and lectures until my eyes bled, the same principle of creativity has been presented yet again:  You are not the creative thinker, you are only the vessel.  Your best ideas are not your own ideas, they all come from somewhere else entirely.  Ideas that you have are just a starting point, but the finished product created itself.  You are just the gardener pruning the hedges, guiding the story along a path – otherwise it’d grow into a chaotic mess – and it’s your job to walk away from it ( call it finished ).

Take comfort in this when you begin your next project – just start from a seed of an idea and let the story present itself.  Let the little creative thinkers in the deep recesses of your subconscious do all of the creative thinking for you.  All you have to do is to put down what they tell you.




Multicolored Talents


What sets you apart from everyone in your profession is your past knowledge.  Looking at business like an artist, an architect learning to program, a tennis player becoming a roboticist, a fashion designer designing music are a few examples.

Combining unrelated fields creates a whole new field.

Don’t learn one thing, learn many.

Phoenix Speedpaint

Speedpainting the Phoenix in photoshop – fresh from youtube ( as of 160306 ).   I guess you can’t use copyrighted songs in your videos, which is a bummer because I was going to throw Kendrick Lamar’s King Kunta jam on top of this.  My own music serves as a placeholder.

I tell people this video isn’t sped up.  The idea of anyone working this fast makes me laugh.