To all Digital Artists

Are you a digital artist?  If so, congratulations; you’re living in the golden age of digital tools.  Everyday it seems something new comes along that makes our lives easier, allows us to create faster, pulling us out of the murky depths of computer processing.

It’s practically overwhelming.  I’m not sure if want to jump through my monitor and wrap these tool creators in a tight embrace or tell them that I’m okay with what I got, anything else and I’ll combust.  We need to stay sharp and pick our poison. Spend your hours learning things that will transfer to other tools ( principles, concepts, etc ), while leaving the technical stuff for Google.

The Web, Virtual Reality and 3D, illustration, projection mapping, app creation — there are multiple tools and solutions for each of these mediums, and they’re getting better and better every quarter.  To stay on the ball, make sure that what you’re working on is something you’ve never done before.  Incorporate the latest and greatest.

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