Remain Inspired (Motivated)

     Motivation is like building a sand castle on the beach only to see it dissolved by the ocean.  Section by section the sand castle falls apart.  Its base weakens, a tower or two collapses, eventually the whole thing comes crashing down.  Motivation seeps out of your system like sand, and this is inherent within everyone.  We humans forget easily and move on without effort.

     Consider the New Years resolution, and how it has become somewhat of a joke to make one at all.  People know that they’ll resort back to their old ways, they know that this new feeling of personal power is transient and will quickly evaporate.  If one does not renew the metaphorical Sandcastle of Motivation every day, there will be nothing left by the end of the week.

     I believe this is why people, like myself, move from one thing to the next without finishing a damn thing.  We know how to act off of motivation, we know what it’s like to be inspired and to have the need to create.  But our interests fade quickly, and if we do not remain aware of this we’re doomed to an existence of starting and stopping, a trail of half finished projects in our wake.

::A potential Remedy::

     Long term goals are good, but we must understood that a long term goal is not a matter of destination but of accumulation.    When we sally forth to make a new painting, the accumulation of effort will magically result into something that appears finished.  It’s then up to us to hang up the smock and walk away from it.  Accumulation is key.  As we are beings who live alongside Time, we can piggyback on Time’s passing and connect our small day to day accomplishments into one – a finished product.
     Consider what made you motivated in the first place, and revisit it often.  Revisit it monthly, weekly and daily.  Surround yourself with things that have meaning to the subject at hand.  If you want to write a sci-fi novel, throw Battlestar Galactica onto your desktop background, watch sci-fi movies, and read about the future ( while you write of course ).  Always try to stay one step ahead of that mighty ocean that promises to take your motivations and turn them back into sand.

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