Work first, learn later

man sleeping on bus

If you’re able to read this, that means your life is filled with options.

Subtract the unnecessary and you’ll grow as an artist.

Work first, learn later.

Hit your boundaries then figure out what is required to traverse them.


You’re brain will thank you later.

2 thoughts on “Work first, learn later

    1. In my experience you don’t get very far just studying, you need to apply what you’ve learned. However the questions of “what do I need to learn?” or “what do I want to learn?” typically arise pretty quickly ( just take a look at ). You find these unknown unknowns by getting started and reacting to the result. There’s nothing non-proactive about this, it’s simply a way to approach a new discipline. When you choose work before study, you’ll have something you can critique at the end of the day, and you take it from there.


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